Finding Strength Within: Alicia Johnson-Niles Opens up About the Impact of her Father's Death S1 E52

Finding Strength Within: Alicia Johnson-Niles Opens up About the Impact of her Father's Death S1 E52

In this episode, Alicia Johnson-Niles shares her personal journey of healing and self-discovery after the murder of her father when she was just two years old. She discusses the impact of her father's death on her life and the challenges she faced in understanding and processing her grief. Alicia also opens up about her struggles with food, body image, and self-esteem, and how these issues were intertwined with her experiences of loss and trauma. She shares her ongoing journey towards finding balance and healing in her relationship with food and her body. Finally, Alicia reflects on the challenges of adjusting to a new life in the South and the cultural differences she encountered. In this part of the conversation, Heather and Allicia discuss various themes, including Heather's obsession with the South, their experiences with Babyland General, meeting their husbands through online dating, finding faith and turning to God, embracing imperfection and sharing stories, the pressure of perfection in social media, and the healing power of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). In this conversation, Alicia Johnson Niles shares her journey of reconnecting with her father, who was killed when she was a baby. She discusses her visit to her father's grave at Arlington National Cemetery and the spiritual experience she had there. Alicia also talks about her involvement with TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) and the importance of finding support and community. She emphasizes the power of validation and understanding in the healing process and encourages listeners to find their tribe. Alicia also discusses the journey of self-love and the destructive nature of comparison and perfectionism.


Childhood trauma can have long-lasting effects on a person's self-perception and relationships.

Grief and loss can manifest in various ways, including struggles with food and body image.

Finding a healthy balance in our relationship with food and our bodies is an ongoing journey.

Adjusting to new environments and cultural differences can present additional challenges in healing and self-discovery. Reconnecting with lost loved ones can bring healing and a sense of closure.

Finding a supportive community is crucial in the healing process.

Validation and understanding from others who have experienced similar losses can be incredibly powerful.

Learning to love and accept oneself is a lifelong journey, and it's important to embrace imperfections and deserve happiness.

Allicia Johnson Niles is an author and speaker with a profound message of hope.

From childhood, her entire life was affected by her father’s murder while he was serving in the U. S. Navy. Deep-rooted grief and curiosity caused her to seek the truth behind the conspiracies aboard the USS Richard S Edwards and her father’s death. Suddenly she felt an intense connection with her father on almost a daily basis.