Healing My Relationship with My Son After Battling an Eating Disorde S1 E41

Healing My Relationship with My Son After Battling an Eating Disorde S1 E41

In this episode, Heather discusses how her eating disorder affected her oldest son. She shares her desperation to leave the hospital and be there for her children. Heather also talks about the struggles she faced with the dietitian and the fear and trauma from her own childhood that influenced her decisions. She expresses her concerns about protecting her children from experiencing the same trauma. Heather reflects on the impact her eating disorder had on her relationship with her son and the guilt she feels for the consequences it had on him. She also discusses her relationship with her younger son and the difficulty of the situation.


Eating disorders can have a significant impact on family dynamics and relationships.

Parents with eating disorders may struggle with guilt and fear of the consequences their illness has on their children.

Childhood trauma can influence a person's behavior and decisions as a parent.

Open communication and support from loved ones can help in the recovery process and rebuilding relationships.

Living with guilt is a challenging aspect of recovery, but showing progress and growth can make a positive impact on family dynamics.