Loneliness Epidemic: How Disconnection and Loneliness Impact our Mental Health S1 E54

Loneliness Epidemic: How Disconnection and Loneliness Impact our Mental Health S1 E54

Dr. Jody Carrington discusses the importance of connection and emotional regulation in relationships. She explains that humans are neurobiologically wired for connection, but the hardest thing we will ever do is connect with each other. The increase in disconnection and loneliness in today's society has led to a mental health crisis. Dr. Carrington emphasizes the need to regulate emotions and stay connected to others in order to access the best parts of ourselves. She also discusses the impact of trauma on emotional regulation and the tendency to numb emotions. The conversation explores the challenges of parenting in the digital age and the importance of staying emotionally regulated to connect with the next generation. The conversation explores the importance of human connection and the impact of technology on our relationships. It emphasizes the need for authentic interaction and the detrimental effects of constant connectivity. The discussion also touches on the significance of feeling seen and understood, as well as the importance of emotional regulation and self-acceptance. The conversation concludes with the reminder to be kind and not tolerate bullshit.

Renowned Psychologist. Human Connection Expert. Bestselling Author

Dr. Jody Carrington is a powerhouse speaker and fearless champion for authentic human connection. She is highly sought after for her expertise, energy, and genuine approach to helping people solve the most complex human-centered problems. Jody’s work focuses on the value of reconnection—the key to healthy relationships and productive teams. Her authentic, honest (and often hilarious) approach never fails to inspire and motivate audiences.

Dr. Carrington is the founder and principal psychologist at The Carrington Practice, where she uses her twenty-plus years of experience to empower the clients she connects with. Jody’s unique resume of clients—from kids to major institutions—provides her with insights and depth of experience to present unmatched value to her audiences. Her core message resonates with everyone from the practice to the world stage: our power lies in our ability to acknowledge each other first.

She is the bestselling author of Kids These Days (2019), Teachers These Days (2021), and the emotionally charged and introspective chart topping, Feeling Seen (Harper Collins, 2023).

Jody lives in small-town Olds, Alberta, with her husband and three children (she had three kids in 2 years to test her own resilience) and leads the amazing team at Carrington & Company.