Navigating Narcissistic and Toxic Relationships S1 E59

Navigating Narcissistic and Toxic Relationships S1 E59


Shannon Petrovich, a therapist and coach, discusses narcissistic relationships and toxic relationships. She shares her journey of starting a YouTube channel called Therapist Talks, Thrive Beyond Narcissism, and writing a book called Out of the Fog, Into the Clear, Journaling to Help You Heal from Toxic Relationships. Shannon emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself and setting boundaries in relationships. She also discusses the impact of childhood experiences on adult relationships and the need to break unhealthy coping mechanisms. Shannon provides insights on recognizing and dealing with narcissistic behavior, as well as the importance of self-love and self-respect.


Narcissistic relationships and toxic relationships are becoming more recognized and discussed.

It is important to set boundaries and take care of oneself in relationships.

Childhood experiences can influence adult relationships, and it is important to break unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Recognizing and addressing narcissistic behavior is crucial for personal growth and healthy relationships.

Self-love and self-respect are essential for healing and building healthy relationships.