The Lifelong Effects of Narcissistic Abuse: A Conversation with Dana Diaz S1 E47

The Lifelong Effects of Narcissistic Abuse: A Conversation with Dana Diaz S1 E47

In this conversation, Dana Diaz shares her experiences with narcissistic abuse and the lifelong effects it has had on her. She discusses the trauma bonds that form in abusive relationships and the addiction to stress that can develop. Dana also reflects on her childhood, growing up with a detached mother and an abusive stepfather. The impact of gender and her stepfather's attitude towards her are explored as well. In this part of the conversation, Heather discusses his childhood trauma and the lack of support he received from child services. He shares the pain of not being believed or protected, and the impact it had on his self-worth. He also talks about the difficulty of seeing others turn a blind eye to abuse and enabling toxic behavior. Heather reflects on meeting his ex-husband and seeking validation, as well as the abusive relationship that followed. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing personal accountability and the reasons why people stay in abusive relationships. Finally, Heather shares his journey of finding healing and hope, and the importance of overcoming trauma and biological cravings. In this conversation, Heather discusses the impact of narcissistic abuse on children and shares her concerns for her own son who grew up in a toxic environment. She highlights her son's ability to remove himself from unpleasant situations and emphasizes his success in building a stable and fulfilling life. Heather also reflects on her own experiences of narcissistic abuse, including the challenges of co-parenting and the manipulation tactics used by narcissists. She discusses the impact of abuse on her health and the journey of rediscovering herself and making choices that align with her authentic self. Heather encourages individuals to ask themselves what they want and to prioritize their own well-being.

Dana S. Diaz is a wife, mother, and author of the best-selling book GASPING FOR AIR: THE STRANGLEHOLD OF NARCISSISTIC ABUSE. Dana has had life-long experience with narcissistic abuse, beginning in childhood. Her education in journalism and psychology at DePaul University in Chicago gave her the ability to accurately verbalize and express how narcissistic abuse creates confusion and conflict within victims, so that she can help other victims know they are not alone and better understand their own circumstances.

Today, Dana is a proud voice for fellow victims who are unable, afraid, or ashamed to share their experiences. She strives to create awareness

and understanding to ensure victims are given the support they need to first understand their situation and then begin the healing process. Her

first book, chronicling her own abusive marriage that lasted nearly three decades, started as a journal that she hid under the couch cushion in the


Dana lives with her husband in Illinois and is in the process of publishing the prequel and sequel to GASPING FOR AIR.

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