Trusting Oneself: Chef Kimberly's Perspective on Overcoming Obstacles S1 E48

Trusting Oneself: Chef Kimberly's Perspective on Overcoming Obstacles S1 E48

In this conversation, Kimberly Geason, a feminine embodiment coach and former chef, shares her journey of recovery from an eating disorder and finding self-love. She discusses the intersection of her career as a chef and her struggles with food, as well as the role of self-compassion in her healing process. Kimberly emphasizes the importance of trusting oneself and listening to the body's needs. She also explains her coaching approach, which focuses on exploring the wisdom and emotions held in the body. The conversation highlights the significance of journaling as a tool for self-discovery and healing. In this conversation, Kimberly Geason discusses the journey of recovery from eating disorders and the importance of forgiveness and moving forward. She emphasizes that recovery is not a linear process and that healing relationships with food is essential. Kimberly also highlights the joy and playfulness that can be brought into cooking and eating. She encourages individuals to seek support and reminds them that they are not alone in their struggles. Additionally, she emphasizes the value of finding guidance from those who have walked the path before. Kimberly also addresses the challenges of weight gain and offers strategies for making peace with food. She emphasizes the importance of building confidence and trust in oneself and being gentle during the process. Finally, she discusses setting goals and focusing on what brings joy and fulfillment in life.


Recovery from an eating disorder is a gradual process that requires self-awareness, self-compassion, and trust in oneself.

Making peace with food involves listening to the body's needs and allowing oneself to enjoy a variety of foods without guilt or restriction.

Self-love and self-compassion are essential in the journey of healing from an eating disorder.

Journaling can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and processing emotions. Forgiving yourself and moving forward is a crucial step in the recovery process from eating disorders.

Recovery from eating disorders is not a linear journey and may involve ups and downs.

Healing relationships with food involves bringing joy, playfulness, and creativity into cooking and eating.

Seeking support and knowing that you are not alone in your struggles is essential for recovery.

Finding guidance from those who have walked the path before can provide valuable insights and support.

Making peace with food and accepting weight gain as part of the healing process is important.

Building confidence and trust in yourself is key to overcoming challenges in recovery.

Being gentle with yourself and embracing uncomfortable situations can lead to growth and healing.

Setting goals and focusing on what brings joy and fulfillment in life can contribute to a positive recovery journey.

Being kind to yourself and embracing each new day with a positive attitude is essential for progress in recovery.

Kimberly Giesin

Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach - School of Embodied Arts,

Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts and Business Management - Culinary Institute of America, NY

20+ year ED recovery and survivor. I spent many years of my life disconnected and disassociated from myself and my body. In healing from my eating disorder, I learned to come back home to me and really tap into the magic and wisdom that lives within.

Now I get to support other women in claiming this for themselves. Through 1:1 coaching sessions and embodiment practices, I support women in reconnecting to their truth, power and intuition, enabling them to truly live the life of their dreams.